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The Authentikate Advantage

As vital and pervasive as they are, IAM solutions are unnecessarily expensive and unfriendly. They require complicated and costly integration to implement for customers, while burdening users with cumbersome keys, tokens, passwords, and growing concerns over privacy. Authentikate has solved all that!

FaaS™ (Face Recognition as a Service)

A benchmark platform for access to Cloud Computing for seamless physical and digital interface

With FaaS™, we can cut out the middleman which brings huge benefits to customers such as:

  • Low Upfront Cost.
  • No Integration Required.
  • Free Automatic Updates & Upgrades.
  • No Middleman To Deal With.
  • Real Time Support.
  • Seamless Integration.

What Is FaaS™ ?


Face Recognition as a Services is a cloud subscription service for Identification and Access Management (IAM).

Info Capture

Besides our core face recognition technology our FaaS™ can also help to seamlessly capture digital information from a vast portfolio of access control devices

Low Cost

FaaS™ provides the entry level capture of digital information for Cloud computing. Our network of standardized access control devices eliminate the need for costly and inefficient system integrators.


FaaS™ offers a wide range of services that range from Access Control, Time & Attendance, Claims, Bookings, Leave Management, Events Management as well as customized face recognition applications on the Cloud.

Solution:BiB™ (Biometric Identity on Blockchain)

The first Self-Sovereign Identity service offering biometric authentication on distributed ledgers for seamless human to machine interface

With BiB™, users will no longer depend on passwords, tokens or keychains:

  • Free authentication for users.
  • Hassle free transactions for service providers.
  • Real-time access to sensitive assets and credentials
  • Free Automatic Updates & Upgrades.
  • Real Time Support.
  • Seamless human machine interface.
  • Complete User Privacy Control

What Is BIB™ ?

Self-Sovereign Identity

Biometric Identity on Blockchain is a consumer driven, transaction based, biometric digital identity empowering Self-Sovereign Identities through the use of distributed ledgers for maximum security and privacy


BiB™ relies on partnerships with major Internet operators as well as Enterprise systems to allow seamless access to authorised individuals without putting the users’ credentials at risk and without compromising his or her privacy.

Smart Contracts

BiB™ provides an indispensable tool for human interaction with the Web 3.0. Users will be able to audit smart contracts, or instruct machines in a secure, seamless and effortless manner.


BiB™ offers centralised private ledgers for enterprise use and decentralised public ledgers for retail use. BiB™ will also provide a platform to aggregate authentication methods offering transaction-based authentication by consensus